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Marty Ray Boone / Owen Hovenden
November 02, 2018
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Way back up in the hills up on possum ridge Love traditional food, keep it all in the fridge ‘Coon fat and possum, cooked barbecue style We dance all night, then we nap for a while Chorus: The festival goes on for days, in springtime of each year Days of celebration, before the summer time comes near With possum, grits, and Mountain Dew that the southerners all bring The possum, the Dew, and the dancin’ and a few hot chicken wings Your mouth will be watering for that delicacy Of possum meat barbecued under the trees Every year we do it , start a big old fire It's Southern tradition, and our heartfelt desire So if you come South up to possum ridge C’mon join the party, and jump right in Delicious food cooked in Southern style Plan your next vacation and join us for a while Chorus We'll eat, sing and dance up on possum ridge You can grab the leftovers stick ‘em in your fridge No place on Earth ever could compare When the clan gets together gonna find me there Chorus Way back in the hills up on possum ridge