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The Outlier
Matt - Vocals, drums, synths. $Bill Guitar, Bass, additional perc and a synth.
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #18
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
Relative Rabbit
December 02, 2018
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160 kbps bitrate
4:29 minutes
The Outlier stood and thought about the wonders of his life The sound of breaking glass and things He always had to make the biggest noise Self-important things of which he said No one ever cared about him anyway But in his brittle mind he’d always been The only Diamond Crusted Coronet Ornamental triple threat Crystal method in his heart Beating like a tom tom Crème de la Crème, first in line Real gone daddy-o redesign He’s the magical savant, tripping on his own tongue The demons and the voices all became A cruel running joke He was sure the fault was not his own And even though it seemed his credit had run out In any other world he would have shone Like a Diamond Crusted Coronet… He used to open up his eyes and look down upon the crowd Pontificating all from above his cloud Now there’s panic in his eyes and a tremble in his lips What if he had never been the Diamond Crusted Coronet…
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