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The Beacon's Beam
A soothing melody of a guiding beacon to lead us home in troubled times
Single - $1.00
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #9
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
DC SpaceDog
June 24, 2020
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128 kbps bitrate
3:53 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote the melody many years ago as a young teenager. Although the original lyrics were never good, the melody persisted over time. We're glad to have a chance to breathe new life into this tune and offer it as a ray hope in difficult times. SD..great composition..really liked everything about it, including the production and your vocal. The bridge is well engineered and introduces some unexpected changes, keeping the listeners attention. You kept the lyric message going very nicely, developing it out with each verse...good job! You also chose a style and rhythm pattern that actually simulates, to my ear, moving along the water. Excellent contribution!--Tano Music
The Beacon’s Beam 10/1/2018 Intro:C9, C, C9, C, C9, C, C9, C, Verse 1: C Em C I’m sailing out to sea, with thoughts and memories F Em Dm C I‘m feeling all alone, and dreaming of my home Gsus G C That’s where I long to be Verse 2: C Em C The days pass slowly by, at night I wonder why F Em Dm C The one’s I left behind are always on my mind Gsus G C My heart can’t be denied Chorus: Am G A light reaching out through the darkness Gm F Leads my way when danger is near Fm C/G When I’m lost and I’m feeling so hopeless G F Em Dm C The Beacon’s Beam shines so clear Reintro: C9, C, C9, C, C9, C, C9, C, Instrumental Verse:C Em C F Em Dm C Gsus G C Verse 3: C Em C When trouble all around, could drive my ship aground F Em Dm C The Beacon’s Beam will show, the path that I must go Gsus G C It keeps me safe and sound Chorus: Am G Gm F Fm C/G G F Em Dm C Chorus Coda: G F Em Dm C G F Gsus G C Beacon’s Beam shines so clear. Beacon’s Beam shines so clear
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