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Traitor's Moon
Based on the escape to freedom of Robert Smalls, a Charleston harbor slave, by commandeering a Confederate ship, under cover of darkness, to the Union blockade line disguised as the captain.
Acoustic - Folk
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Joan Kennedy & Ron Tintner
October 17, 2018
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Story behind the song
The daring escape of Robert Smalls inspired this song that was an attempt to get to the emotions involved. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Smalls )
Traitor’s Moon Words and Music by Joan Kennedy and Ron Tintner ©2018 All alone on the stolen deck I hide my hair behind my neck I pace around like I belong I hum the captain’s favorite Dixie song I wear the captain’s coat and hat The way he stands, I stand like that My arms are folded just like him Please don’t shine your light upon my skin CHORUS: Traitor’s Moon so round and white Traitor’s Moon don’t shine too bright Stay behind the clouds tonight It all depends on you, Traitor’s Moon I flash the signals of the port I clear the checkpoints, fort by fort No telling what tonight may bring And all I stand to lose is everything My wife and babies sit inside The hull we’ve lined with dynamite We laid those charges thick and well If we’re caught we’ll blow it all to hell CHORUS BRIDGE: Seven miles to the blockade line Seven miles before the daylight shines Seven miles from shore to sea Seven miles from slavery We’ll hoist up high a small white sheet Surrendering our one-boat fleet And when this run is through I’ll trade these rags for cloth of Yankee blue CHORUS