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We Return
A time for returning and repentance before our God.
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
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Dave Tozier
Dave Tozier
April 11, 2019
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Story behind the song
Malachi 2:10 says that when we sin and break covenant with our God it effects everyone around us. We are not islands unto ourselves. When Israel wanted to take the city or Ai, one man's sin acting alone was enough to stand in the way of victory.
We Return We have all one Father Created by one God Why should we deal against each other and profane the covenant of the Lord We return We return We return to our God We return We return We return to You Humbling ourselves before You With fasting and with prayer O Lord come and move among us Cleanse our wayward hearts O Lord Your ways are right I bow my knee to You O Lord Your ways are right We return to You our God
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