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Dennis Burayidi
August 12, 2018
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Yes so my name is Dennis Burayidi. I’m from Ghana and currently living in Milwaukee. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for many years and I enjoy it here. I like that we get all four seasons and its just beautiful. As far as this album is concerned I really really wanted to make this one. I was just going about humming tunes and singing to myself and ended up using a voice that was just amazing to me. It sounded straight from the adult contemporary genre and I was like well, I’ve got to do somersetting with this. So the first song I made was Real. I just belted it out, some things about my day to day life and off course had to add some money into the song. It came out just right and I was like yup this will be the name of the album. I then went on to make like me. This was the most difficult song for me to make on the entire album. The voice I was using was so different from what I normally use and the song has so many ups and downs as well as stops and goes. It took a long time to make but the final outcome I think is very well put together. The song is about my idea of a life that is very enjoyable yet almost impossible to live. Very idealistic but with great vibes. I love it even though it was such a hard one and took so much time. Don’t hate was the third song I made and was a little easier on me. I have a lot of so called haters, I like to call them my fans though. So I thought of all the things that people could possibly hate me for and wrote it out, sang it, mixed it and released it. Take that haters. After that song I did your body. I think this is one of my better songs, its got a bouncy feeling to it and has a poppy hip dancing feel to it. In my body I can see this as a music video. Club scene and everything. With cross your mind, I was inspired by a girl at my work place. Yes sounds creepy and the song reflects that. To this day I don’t know who she is or anything, just a wonder, like who is she and does she even know I exist. Who knows. Lol, Don’t hurt me. Conspiracy was the next song I made. I’ve really been questioning a lot of things, especially the shape of the earth. I don’t think people or water can hang upside down on a ball gravity or no gravity, spinning at over 1000 miles an hour this was wobbling this way and thousands of miles per hour around the sun. No way! The earth is flat and doesn’t move, that is the truth. Then I got inspired by inspirational songs and decided to make bring fire. Its a motivational song for when someone thinks of giving up. Never give up! The last song I made was different language. Its all about the money, everywhere you go people can understand you when you speak money. I just started listing all the currencies I could think of. Everyone can understand that language. As far as organizing the songs I had to make it run smoothly and for easy listening so they are not in the order that I sang them but in the order that made the most sense. Alright thank you for your time but I have more to do and hope to speak to you soon. Until next time, peace, love and harmony.