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Erase You (I Keep Pressing Rewind)
Don't we all have sweet memories that we would like to erase from our mind as it hurts too much to recall them?
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Johan Olofsson
Johan Olofsson
August 07, 2018
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I found our picture in the alley soaked with tears from above You left in a hurry you ran away you couldn't handle all my love I tried to be fragile careful and gentle I tried to be strong virile and seductive The feeling that haunts me that grows inside of me was I good or just misunderstood [chorus] And now when I stumble through the night feeling blind I try to erase you but I keep pressing rewind I'm hurt and I'm lonely I'm such a sad sight and there's no way in hell I can make this right I follow your footprints although I know that I should turn around But I need an answer I need to hear the truth why you left me feeling numb