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Rebel at Heart
Retro folk rocker regarding a chapter out of psychiatry's checkered history, influenced by The Band's Lowrey organ, lead guitar harmonic squawks and piano instrumentation.
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Frederick. Serafim
Frederick Serafim & The Schizoid Visionaries
July 17, 2018
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Story behind the song
Drawing upon my youth and early adult life with reference to Ontario's haphazard 1977 "dumping" of patients from the psychiatric hospitals to save money.
Everybody said there's something wrong with that boy He has the ability to really annoy He's always singing and talking to himself It appears his thinking isn't quite top shelf Rebel at heart It started long ago when he was still quite young He saw those troubled kids coming all undone Ridiculed and picked upon and generally shunned He wanted to help them out but he was way out-gunned Rebel at heart Then he got older and didn't want to be Part of the establishment's subtle hypocrisy So he hung around the town and met up with a guy That he knew when they were kids but the guy's about to die Rebel at heart Thrown out on the streets from the local mental ward Cold and hungry, dressed in rags, next step was the morgue That's when he realized this world was not for him Sometimes this crazy life is just one big sin Rebel at heart
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