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Freedom Cry
The Cry of Freedom
HipHop - Christian Rap
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Verbal Chemistry; Produced by: DopeBoyzMuzic
IVewman Records 2018
July 15, 2018
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Story behind the song
FREEDOM CRY Written by: Kwame Ofori (Verbal Chemistry) Produced by: DopeBoyzMuzic Yeah, so good to be back... I thank You Father for rerouting me, getting me back on course with my purpose aligned to Your will to advance Your Kingdom. (Yeah) Verse: A new genre of music, Freedom Back in Eden eating, The original blueprint has met execution Im Focused, no excuses Excuse me? I beg for your pardon, You dont know what it means to be free unless youre back in The Garden, Square up in Madison square, (I swear) Go toe to toe with anyone, I only have one Fear, Fear God and have no other fear in your life, Yall scared of the night, the unknown, the fear of the dark, heart broke, the fear of being alone, no home, The other day I read this quote: "Homeless but not hopeless, broke but not broken," Thats the fighting spirit of those who know theyre chosen, destined to be great, but they also know they have to endure the fire to come out golden, Silver and Gold, but what I have is more valuable than both, Wealth without Wisdom, oh no, Not happening, luxury is not fitting for a fool, Money is just a tool to be used, So what are you building? Does it have a ceiling? Or is it topless? Get my head out of the clouds, stop dreaming? Try and stop this, this aint mans movement, This is God moving, Through a vessel that became available to be worth using, Used and abused, Didnt have to reinvent myself, Just had to realize the old has gone away and Christ has made me brand new. I am an original... Noah sent me a text message to build my ark, So my childrens children can build even bigger from my residuals... Legacy, it lives on even when Im gone. I wont be the show stopper, cuz this aint for show, when Truth grabs hold of your heart and conviction happens, youll know this fa sho! 2x My non-negotiables, Its been identified before I sit at the negotiation table, put my heart on the table, match me or fold, go or go home, once I commit, I always go for broke, in me is no quit, oh hes so bold, Let me reiterate, This is what happens when the Truth comes in and takes hold, I am accountable (before God) No time for foolishness, He wants a return on all His Investments, Im about my Fathers Business, busyness had me distracted, activity without production, no fruit in the produce section, bearing or barren? careless or caring? I stopped sowing seed forgetting that Im the heir apparent, and I should be parenting my children to let them know that they come from royal blood... I should be parenting, cuz Im the heir apparent, co-heirs with Christ Jesus...Freedom. 2x Strike a chord with every emotion, evoke a feeling that will drive commitment and not just go through the motions, we not running in place, we running this race to win, the imperishable crown, that one knee to the ground, finger pointing to the heavens as the Holy Spirit touch down, God amongst us, I got a big appetite for a big God, bite-size problems now, cuz my Gods humongous, His indwelt presence against any pressure, (in any variation), depression, oppression, suppression, no stressing, no weapon formed against me, God get em...yeah! If it seems effortless, thats only because I put a lot of effort in, seasoned with Grace, used to think everything was black and white, but now Im seeing more gray, I guess with Wisdom comes a little more gray, every hair numbered even the fallen ones, will go bald and bare, naked and unashamed, my Freedom journey back to The Garden, 2x I know Hes Sovereign, every problem solving em, dont have to know it all (cuz I know the God who does)... ====================================
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