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Ain't The Same
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #355
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #33
Culchr ENT.
June 11, 2018
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3:10 minutes
Story behind the song
Original Instrumental: limitless by soul g Mixed & Mastered by SayJak
[Hook]: If we alike, then our stars might collide, we might reach demise, we might not survive! If we stay different, ain’t none of the bickering, ain’t none of the ignorance, ain’t none of the gibberish. We ain’t the same! We ain’t the same! We ain’t the same! We ain’t the same! (‘Cause) We ain’t the same! (‘Cause) We ain’t the same! (‘Cause) We ain’t the same! (‘Cause) We ain’t the same! [Verse One]: No two are the same up in the world, everyone’s a prototype, based on an archetype. Built from the nature and the nurture, ‘cause patience is a virtue, balance cooler with the burner. They be talking Culchr, don’t got the C-H, R – cause they do it for the what? No bars. We ain’t like the sisters and the brothers, and the many of the others, taking shame under covers. Shame on a n’other who tried to play game on a n’other, take pride in your rise, forget the suckas! The many and the plenty who don’t get it, misconstrue what you do, they never get it. Never seem to take the time, quicker to be judge, biased ass jury who be thinking you “too much”. Moral of the story – [sum of likelihood? We be made to understand, but remain misunderstood! [Hook] Verse Two: Please don’t be ashamed at the person you are, from the scrub-os to weirdos, you are who you are! That’s a Superstar, something like Lupe, something like Saliva, something like 2 Chainz! Too many odd traits to count, too many stranger things, crazy things, those are two large amounts! The check bounced in that account, cause it was normal – we be casual (uh!) y’all be formal. Mortal be the case for the ones who follow rules, set your own pace, never take the ridicule. Pity fools who live cruel, sticks up the anal, black & white – picket fence, living life fatal. Cul-de-sacs of L7s, boxes for they lairs, don’t listen to the news – it ain’t hip to be square! This here is pretty hard to describe – here’s a invite: Adapt & Survive. [Hook] (x3)