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Thats The Way Its Gotta Be (Ft Toni Ray)
DADGAD Tuning Pop Song featuring a very nice sample I d/l from Toni Ray Free D/L
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Charts #149 in subgenre today (peak #11)
Previous peak charts position #40
Warren Jenks (Choir Sample by Toni Ray)
2016 Warren Jenks / Toni Ray All Rights Reserved
June 11, 2018
MP3 4.6 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:02 minutes
Story behind the song
Looking for some fresh inspiration one day, i decided to try and base a song around a looped sample. Searching online I came across this amazing Choir one by Toni Ray so nabbed it and set to work. Being obsessed with alternative tunings, I thought it would be cool to have a pop song in DADGAD, so basically found a nice drum loop and patched in the choir and then jammed along to it. Being very pleased with the results I then went downstairs and wrote the words, not trying that hard with them on purpose, because my usual style is a bit gobbledygook and I wanted something to singalong to in the car! All in I really enjoyed working on this song and I hope you like it too! Free D/L