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Go Back Home (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)
Music: Leon Baitinger Lyrics: Tara-Lynn Sharrock/Robert Baitinger
Electronic - EDM
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June 11, 2018
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GO BACK HOME Verse 1 Here we are Reached that point again Where we don't know which way to go Verse 2 We realized Now it's time to end All the pain that hurt us so Pre-chorus 1 Both of us need to be strong Find a way to right the wrongs Of a past we cannot change or undo So let's leave it all behind And keep our love in mind To reclaim the one thing we both know is true Chorus We should go back home, go back home, go back home, go Together we belong We should go back home, go back home, go back home, oh Forever we belong Verse 3 Here we are Standing on the edge Hand in hand we face the sun Verse 4 We realized And now we understand This love of ours has only just begun Pre-chorus 2 Pouring fuel onto the fire Reigniting our desire All the chaos of the past is far away No more secrets we both keep No more games of hide and seek Seems the good times are finally here to stay Repeat chorus Music: Leon Baitinger Lyrics: Tara-Lynn Sharrock & Robert Baitinger Vocals & vocal arrangement: Tara-Lynn Sharrock All instruments: Leon Baitinger
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