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Saturn Crazy Lover
The first astronaut to land on Titan has a very bumpy landing and so dazed and confused he looks up and sees.....
Pop - Pop Rock
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Warren Jenks
2017 Warren Jenks. All Rights Reserved
June 05, 2018
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Story behind the song
This all came from a dream I had. If given the chance I would leave Earth and head off into deep space. I just thought it would be funny if I went millions of miles away and still had the same luck with finding love! It's been useless on Earth so here I'm an Astronaut landing on a new world but having the same old problems! Sound wise I went for a very 1960s Joe Meek style sound, I've always liked his productions so this is my little tribute to his pioneering efforts back then
Saturn crazy lover In the deepest space that I could find, with nights so black that they killed all light, I crashed down hard to my delight on titans sunny side Then by chance I glanced up high and between the rings of Saturn lay, A Saturn crazy lover bella da cosmic skies I’d heard fables from pleasured pirate minds, that these ladies were so awesome to be outta sight, they were everything plus extra bits, they were said the cure for loneliness She was so near yet outta reach, so I wrote a nice message hoping that she might see it. Saturn crazy lover bella da cosmic skies oh oh romance what’s a good chance, what’s fulfilment why the torment oh oh attraction what’s distraction, what’s convention cor blimey wisdom oh oh bother she’s like no other, retract my darkness for a good guess oh oh what’s the hot bet what’s the answer what’s the cool move geez I'm so stuck now she’sthe one I feel for in my gut, I’m so far from home but far closer to love Saturn crazy lover bella da cosmic skies oh oh romance but at a distance here’s my cute look please notice oh oh I’m heart struck but with no luck I have no ladder long enough oh oh the air now is thinning like my own thatch I’ll write down no chance I’m expiring now I’m tiring, and she’s still looking but not crying, I’m hopeless far too gormless with no dress sense or conversation oh sod this I choose extinction its far better than this bitter weather love I’m heaven spent I’m outta time I never could meet her as much as I tried my Saturn crazy lover bella da cosmic skies goodbye sweetheart night night