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When the Grim Reaper comes a tapping at your window at night!
Alternative - Indie
Previous peak charts position #94
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
Warren Jenks
2017 Warren Jenks. All Rights Reserved
June 05, 2018
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2:59 minutes
Story behind the song
in early 2017 I wasn't feeling very well and had a lot of heart palpatations, so I wrote this tale about the grim reaper getting ever closer each night. My windows do creak at night so decided to give the song a sinister side, almost like a scary bedtime story. I basically jammed the backing track in DADGAD tuning to a drum track by Jim Dooley (YouTube legend) and then decided to make as much racket over the top of it. All in it turned out a treat and it's one of my favourites on my 2017 album "Wazzle Twizzle"
18 From yonder beside a shapely tree, I spied the eye that spied on me, through every moment dawn til dusk covered in letters tattered and torn There but whispered like the breeze, excuse my failings and my daze, I’m all parked up taking a rest, enjoying scenery that’s still left, you my happiness still my guest, you my body now past its best, now my mind is in distress Chorus Oh darkness deep my hopeless friend I hear your charm is lost in the post, If you find it, please shackle my ghost, for he keeps tapping my window when my eyes wish to close Just last night time yesterday, I woke up startled and wondered why, the dust had not settled at this scene, but had spread itself all over my dream Now my chest grows tighter it makes freeze and I’m now frightened even to breathe, every ache now has a number and in every slumber I hear my scream Rpt chorus then Bridge When I was 18 I had the world at my feet, now I don’t look down at where they could have been Solo then chorus please now go wipe my sweating brow, show me heaven’s standing stone, pass my love to future days , in a blink of memory I came I saw but then I lost my way I lost my way ©2017 Warren Jenks. All Rights Reserved