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A jazzy-folk whimsical love song from Currier Square's 2nd CD release, "River Town"
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Vance Grazio
February 04, 2019
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4:03 minutes
Story behind the song
no story, just letting the imagination wander
Fireflies words & music: Vance Grazio c 2018 Chasing fireflies with the moonlight in her eyes, Wears my heart on her sleeve, Dance in circles, double time, Cast a spell over me. Falling prisoner to the beating of one’s heart, Telling secrets, to the moon, Catching stardust, crystal blue, Letting go, too soon. Chorus: Edge of night, the world spins by Familiar tune, a lover’s sigh Stars that glitter, fading soon Like fireflies, under the moon Fleeting moments with the moonlight in her eyes, Dance in circles, two by two, Illumination dissipates, Fireflies, and you