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Smokey Feat. Athlos- Athlos Anthem
Awesome song I had the privilege of doing with the students at Athlos Academy. It's about their 12 character traits they instill in all their scholars..
HipHop - Spoken Word
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Tyler Lydeen
City House Records LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018
May 18, 2018
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Verse 1: it takes grit to get back up, grit to keep trying//never will we give up quit and keep quiet//flip the weak bias, heart in the beat//after all it takes grit to harden the concrete//no pardon if I lead as an example to follow//lift each other up reach for the stars like apollo//always think of tomorrow, with regard to the past//cuz good leaders makes leaders that create their own path//embrace unknown crafts, dont just stick to your element//learn about another culture man that's social intelligence//be vocal an eloquent confident when you speak//respect other folks ideas its understanding we seek//the upper hand that we see, is an advantage to grow//that brings us to our next point all about self control//we've all felt the pull when distractions take notice//eyes on the prize set goals and stay focused. Chorus: stand together as one see us all uniting, our energy is bright zest strike like lightening//fail will we give up, no we'll keep fighting//that's what it means to be an athlos titan. Verse 2: there ain't another rapper out there that could be topping this spit//type of thinking I just used is called optimistic//its that positive thinking where you just hope for the best//you know it works out in the end so lay your worries to rest//here come the flurry of tests, this type of learning is serious//an important trait to have is to wanna be curious//if ya honestly hearing us learn to try something new//cuz the more you know in life well then the better you'll do//let your energy through, shine bright as the sun//be a beacon in the darkness for everyone//need to let it be fun, blood pump in the chest//affecting everyone you meet give em a taste of your zest//breaks the chains of the stress and then watch as you flourish//it comes in many different forms, this trait we call courage//metamorph and emerge with the bravery of a lion//in this world you're the titan that could take down a giant. Chorus: Verse 3: dont be afraid to take a stand or show the initiative//if you start something then learn, that you should always finish it//know what your limit is, rise above it with pride//be proud of who you are smart humble and kind//we all stumble at times but come together with unity//its ok to feel pride long as you show some humility//I know that you're feeling me I'm just speaking it honest//around your friends and others best to celebrate modest//you can elevate on us, lift ya up to new heights//a core belief to help another and always do what is right//staying true to my life, no matter where that it's taken me//never let them bring you down or compromise your integrity//last trait is my favorite ya see it helped me to make this//learn to always keep an open mind when speaking creative//to me its the greatest, the funnest trait and the best//titans yell ATHLOS chorus: Thanks again to Mrs. Scheevel. Dr Best and all the scholars that performed and gave their time to make this track happen.
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