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Hours (live)
Hours, the first song from Allison Crowe's new album, Welcome to Us, is especially well suited to Allison's dulcet voice. It's a treat, chimes Allan Showalter, who maintains Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered with erudition and fine-tuned eleganc
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Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Allison Crowe
Allison Crowe
April 28, 2018
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Hours Composed by Allison Crowe All this shifting of hours Moves towards the light And the presence of the emptiness Gives up without a fight And the movement of the river Goes towards the sea And my absence of fulfilment Presents itself to me These pockets of the sky Are turbulent at best We laugh when we are frightened Not at our own behest The chattering of spirits Keeps me wide awake It isn’t something stolen But it’s something I can’t take The sound of screaming beauties Cry themselves to sleep Whatever I hold on to Is nothing I can keep I run my hands across the stone now And slowing down my breath I haven’t gone but I am fading I scare myself to death Don’t be scared It’s just the wind And the minutes Don’t know where to begin We are getting older But it’s not amounting to anything – *(and it all adds up but who is counting)* to anything so just let go. *last time through