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It's Hard Being A Whale
Song about a chauvinistic, horny whale.
Podcasts - Comedy - Adult
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William Troniak
William Troniak ASCAP
April 25, 2018
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3:27 minutes
Story behind the song
A female DJ wanted a song about a whale rocking out with her cock out.
I got a ten meter willy And I got no friends I said I tuck it in and hide it But it Just come back again Its hard being a circle when there ain't no big square Cant put it in my pocket an it don't fit no underwear Its Hard.....Being A Whale Yeah baby. Get out of the way. This thing think all by itself So I swim around at night Dont even need a light I just follow my wiener got a mind of its own My pecker make me pass out whenever I get a bone Yeah its hard being a Whale Well I found me a Dolphin And she likes me ok Then I showed her my Flagpole She just run away again (she aint very patriotic) Its hard masturbating when you ain't got any hands I can't go looking elsewhere I get stuck up on the land Its hard being a whale So I found a cruise liner and I snuggled up tight I stuck it in the smokestack it never even put up a fight Its hard being a Whale.