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Dear - Stephen Hawking
A tribute to Stephen Hawking, which is dedicated to his family. Thank you Stephen for your contributions to the scientific community. Clip Image Artist Is Mitchell Troy
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Tom Eck
2016 Clip Image Artist Is Mitchell Troy
April 24, 2018
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Story behind the song
Well it started with a dream. In 2016 I had a dream about Stephen Hawking being a contestant on dancing with the stars. It wasn't bizarre or comical, my dream was more of a reminder that this life is just the womb of existence, and legs loss in life does not spiritually mean legs lost. So after I woke up I wrote down the lyrics. I had the song laying around for a year or so (because I am totally A.D.D) and it wasn't until today (April 2018, a Month after his death that I found my jottings. This is just a rough draft version, but at least the songs off the note pad!
Dear Stephen Hawking the Big Bang it just called but you weren't near and the people that you stay with said that you were out walking they weren't sure where? (refrain) you have legs to stand now you have arms to hold now the means to wander all the world (Refrain 1) Steve its clear its here before us through this foggy glass we barley see It's the stuff the stars are made of, its the stuff that we are made of you and me (Refrain 1) I do not know your physics I'm an English major, average at best and it was through your equation that I got enlightened to the rest. (Refrain) Mr. Hawking I dreamt you were on dancing with the stars now this is true I'll probably never meet you, but I send these words expressing gratitude I do thank you (Refrain 2X)
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