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Felon & Lil Kidd- Shook 1's In Queens
Sum reel shit. Ma mann Felix aka F3LON got da 1st verse, N i got da 2nd. Old shit tho. Nuthin serious on my part. Sum quik 1-take shit.
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #1,800
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Lil Kidd
Queens Copyright
July 01, 2004
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I'm comin thru vivid, I rip it N ship it, wit types of critical talk/ Its all hype, wit types of subliminal thoughts/ As criminals fought, wit raw direction of words/ Now see a dickhead sky, wit an erection of birds/ Its all usual lines, in these typical dudes/ With words N thoughts, dat instill politcal views/ I'm 15 from Queens, n i'll bury ya wrist/ I jump up on a plane, im considered a terrorist/ Its racisim, suit ya wives, n boot ya lives/ Da game is ya enemy, shoot the five/ Da loot will jive, so see me outside/ Exclusive music, from QB ta southside/ Never forget, the defitition of reminicin/ People who dont die, only be exisitin in television/ So dont spray ta Kidd, i'm about ta be out/ Jus ask Felix, he knows wut I'm about/