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Golden Soul
a 19th century whim...a French folk song, if you will...
Album - $9.00
Acoustic - Folk
Charts #19 in subgenre today (peak #4)
Previous peak charts position #32
2018 Stablesongs
April 16, 2018
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160 kbps bitrate
2:51 minutes
Story behind the song
a woman we know...you can see her beautiful soul...through all the trappings of consciousness...it has to be powerful to shine though all that...
Golden Soul / Blachura Elle a un âme dorée (She has a golden soul) Words drip from her lips not a thought does she let slip From her mind without giving it wings Her stories the same each time she repeats them like they were rhymes The sounds echo her whims as they ring Her mind seems a clutter trying to catch her lips flutter It’s a race like the sun chasing the moon Silence she knows barely her tongue stops rarely Waiting for her soft breath to end soon And the sun shines through so bold Her faults so many untold Her soul is so old fashioned of gold Her calm demeanor calls Whether her habits gall or enthrall Then her golden soul suddenly befalls