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Nowhere To Run
Hearing voices again?
Electronic - Trip Hop
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Michael Maroon
April 07, 2018
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Story behind the song
You can run, but you can't hide
Written by Carline and Michael Maroon Sat behind an alley wall, catch my breath before I fall. My next move, where will it be? Run, they're closing in on me. Shadowing me. Out of the sun, got to get free, nowhere to run. I've got to hide away. Need some time to catch my breath. Haven't slept, it's been awhile, I'm still running. Look around, I see no one, and I'm still running. Haven't slept, it's been awhile, and I'm still running. Distance, resist the strain. Feet are tired, my legs are numb. Voices in my head don't stop, left behind reality. Found a place nearby. By a stream to lie. Lie down for awhile, while the moon is high. High the stakes I pay. Pay the price I may. May I get away. Way down deep they stay. Stay here for awhile, while the voices smile. Miles of silence fly, Fly away, I'll try. I know the hunt has just begun, wandering under the sun. Search for me, until you're done. Here I am, nowhere to run. Caught up to me, nowhere to run. Voices follow everywhere I go Voices follow everywhere I go. Look around, I see no one, and I'm still running.