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Remember Me
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A song for Communion Service or Maundy Thursday Service
Peak #47
Peak in subgenre #3
Carl Fritsche
Copyright Carl Fritsche 1983
March 29, 2018
MP3 3.2 MB, 128 kbps, 3:32
Story behind the song
Written for a Tenebrae Service
My friends I have to go, my friends my time has come. My heart is heavy and my soul is troubled. I'll just be gone awhile, and then I will return, But until that time, remember all I've done and said, Remember you are mine. Share with me this bread and drink my cup of wine. The bread my body and the cup my blood, Given for you all, forgiving all your sins. Now take and drink, it's the last that we will share until, The day I come again. This is my blood you drink; this is my body you eat. When you do these things, remember me. If you abide in me, and if my love lives in you, Then you will have everything you need, And I'll be with you even to the end, Remember Me. My friends as I have served, so now do I send you, Into the world to spread my Father's Word. Freely you've received, so freely shall you give. And this command I give to you, to love each other Just as I've loved you. Jesus took the cup, gave thanks, said "Take and drink" "The cup to be my blood poured out for all". "Take and eat the bread, my body given for, Forgiveness of, the sins of those, Who do this in rememberance of me, Remember Me".
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