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Tunnel Vision
Inspirational, sci-fi loving, singing, hip-hop rapping, producing, and aspiring actor, Aaron Mac. In summary, Aaron Mac is Motivation in Music. Combining the storytelling style of hip-hop veteran influences such Jay-Z and Eminem to the new introspect
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Aaron Mac
2018 Ascension Media
March 16, 2018
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Intro: I can't see you haters in my rear view I- I- I ain't tryna hear you You don't get nowhere without having ambition. It's a way of life. Hook: I can't see you haters in my rear view You music garbage baby I ain't tryna hear you I can't hang with niggaz that got no ambition. See a winner in my eyes I got tunnel vision I got tunnel vision I got tunnel vision I can't hang with niggaz, that got no ambition I got tunnel vision I got tunnel vision Bitch I'm on a mission, I got tunnel vision Verse: You little kittens in the wrong yard Chopsticks since they think they hard Burn a cross if he think he God -I make waves like Moses oh lord You heard Mac was on a killing spree I cut em open with these rap bars surgery You boys soft like dessert see -You niggaz stealing lyrics in the booth committing purgery Went and filed them papers just to make a point You ain't riding, then I guess you get the laser point Had to get that dead weight off my branches nigga - So you know I got no patience for you hating niggaz {Chorus} Verse: I got no time for relations so fuck what these bitches sayin'. I just be sittin' on visions, on my own I be praying I'm on my own just to focus, I know that ain't the plan I'm looking up at my queen, I know I will be her man These niggaz sweating these used cars, some Hondas and Fords I got visions of my black ass pushing a Porsche That's from changing the world, they look at me like a god These boys flashing job money, boy you look like a fraud The asylum is coming, that be the closing of April You boys put the world to sleep, like a house with no cable. They keep thinking I'm soft because I speak on emotions The same lyrics got your woman pussy drippin' like oceans. {Chorus} Verse: Blockers on my face, headphones so I can't hear you talk Competition leave'em with scorch marks, that's my fault Only nigga ridin' in a whip with a box of chalk I can't see a hater like they walkin' on the sidewalk Say I changed the convo I take the blame Yall was only talking Jay's like yall was making bank I got my eyes on some blood bottoms, 2 pairs My ex said you don't need'em if you can't buy 2 so... Now that I'm done quoting bitches I will bring the money back to the house without destroying dishes Momma raised a quitter, but I broke the chains Hustla's blood is running through my brain.