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Cool Dog II
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Ricki E. Bellos
Ricki E. Bellos
March 04, 2018
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Story behind the song
This one is for Stosh, one of the coolest dogs I've ever met. Long may he run.
COOL DOG I’m Cool Dog, bless my soul I like jazz on the truck radio I’m Cool Dog, me and my guy Always on the prowl for something fine Wind in my face, oh I could ride all day He thinks he’s boss, well I just let it slide because I’m Cool Dog, got Rex my bud My second in running the neighborhood Cool Dog on the street Sniffing any action that we meet Sleep until noon then howl all night at the moon whoa But I never roam too far away from home, no, no I’m Cool dog (cool dog) yeah, yeah Cool dog (cool dog) yeah, yeah Forced to the vet while under duress My pals come home and are never the same I keep my legs crossed and hope for the best Don’t ever want to have to change my name I’m Cool Dog to my lady Sal When I go carousing she gives me hell I’m her Cool Dog and she knows I’ll bring her something stinky cause I love her so I live like a king, I wouldn’t change a thing, no In my last life I must have got it right, that’s why I’m Cool Dog (cool dog) yeah, yeah Cool Dog (cool dog) yeah, yeah Cool Dog (cool dog) yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m Cool © Ricki E. Bellos (BMI )