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It's Time To Go To Mars
It's about some the history of our space program and about our anticipation of traveling to Mars, starting by honoring Dr. Robert Goddard.
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Daniel Joseph Simons
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March 03, 2018
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Story behind the song
I work a Kennedy Space Center and I'm honored to do so. Most of us that work there are excited about the history, what is currently going on there, about our futures and about going to Mars. Also, Robert Goddard was unjustly ridiculed for his theories, he was from my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts and I used to play golf on the Packachoag golf course in Auburn, Massachusetts and enjoyed seeing the monument on the 9th hole where he first launched a rocket. It also honors some of our astronauts. I couldn't do many more because, well, it's a song - there's only so much time. Thanks, Dan
Robert Goddard climbed a cherry tree. On a day called Anniversary. Had a dream while gazing at the stars. He said, it's time to go to Mars! Alan Shepherd went up and came down. Then John Glenn went up and then around. And they were the first to set the bars. So now, it's time to go to Mars! Twenty days and one month after June when a man named Neil stepped on the moon, we were proud of this country of ours. And now, it's time to go to Mars! We can see our future in the past. Getting closer with each rocket blast. And, let's not forget about our scars. But, now, it's time to go to Mars. There are people, dreamers, just like ours. and with us, keep shooting for the stars. And they know it's time to go to Mars.