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Year of the Hawk
The first song from our upcoming EP Volume II. www.valleyofshadows.org
Metal - Doom Metal
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February 15, 2018
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7:01 minutes
Story behind the song
Adam Peterson - Vocals S.W. Smith - Guitar & Backing Vocals Mario Ibarra - Drums John O'Brien - Bass Year of The Hawk and Black Petals, Crimson Bloom written by Peterson, Smith, Ibarra, O’Brien Rabbit written by Peterson, Smith Ibarra, Pace All songs performed live by Peterson, Smith, Ibarra, O’Brien at Wired Pub & Grill 10-22-2017 Recorded, Mixed, And Mastered by A.J. Kershner, Off The Record LLC Photos by Kurt Winsel Photography © 2017 Layout and Design by S.W. Smith Front cover Artwork by Unknown, titled Tech Heart of Gold License: CC0 Public Domain