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If That Isn't Love
Valentine's Day single.
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February 14, 2018
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I stayed with you On the line Until you were asleep I prayed for you Every time You felt the darkness creep If that isn't love Would you tell me what is? If that isn't love What more can I give to you? I talked with you Every night I had a moment spare I walked with you Until we reached The outskirts of despair If that isn't love Won't you tell me what is? If that isn't love There's more I can give to you And I want to I want to Let yourself be loved She'll appear to take my place When the moment comes Don't hold back, adore, embrace Let yourself be loved She'll be so much more than me When the moment comes Give yourself entirely I tried so hard And fought so long To be the one you need You waste your time Indulging me I want you to succeed If that isn't love Then it's more than I have If that isn't love You need something more than that And I know that If that isn't love...