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Don't Wanna Be Touched
B-Side on If That Isn't Love
Electronic - Electronica
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February 14, 2018
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I don’t wanna be touched I can tell you all my secrets But please don’t touch me If you wanna know my dreams You can see But I don’t wanna be Touched Maybe ever again I don’t wanna be touched If all you want is information I’ll provide it freely If you need communication I can talk But I don’t wanna be Touched Maybe never again Again Again Again I don’t wanna be known I don’t wanna be pursued All my insides perused And then used up again I don’t wanna go backwards; the mishaps, relapses All my enemies exhumed An uprooting of what’s bloomed And recovered To make room for you as a lover (If it’s all the same to you) Words are never enough You can gimme all your reasons But they still won’t reach me And explain to me at length You’re the exception and you’re worthy Touched A little nerve with you there? You say I’m being unfair But why should I care I don’t care I don’t care (If it’s all the same to you) I don’t think I’ll bother And now you feel you’ve earned your access to my soul You’ve theorised your love can make me whole Oh! No… I’ll only show you a shell Though I’m presenting it well So you’d never tell There’s no alarm bell