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Bluto And Olive
The Truth was found ! Olive and Bluto were lovers! Tough luck Popeye
Pop - Musical
Previous peak charts position #127
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Freeman / Cozean
February 11, 2018
MP3 3.7 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:14 minutes
Story behind the song
In an upside down world, Bluto and Olive Oyl paired up and left old Popeye out in the cold. These two were a better match anyway. Thanks to Anne Cozean for Olive Oyl's lyrics and vocals.
I can hardly gather baby that it's really so you're my loving girlie, I'll never let you go I would never ever leave you you're my only man I would never leave you cause you don't eat from a can I'll always love you big boy We're so lucky in love that pesky little sailor better not call my girl no more or I'll jab him in the eye and wreck him on the shore I won her fair and square, mine forever more No need to squash the sailor man or break his legs no need to bruise and mash the guy until he begs I'll always be your baby We're so lucky in love Bluto we are so lucky in love you're my frisky goddess with a figure mighty fine you deserve a temple and a monumental shrine those bits of green between his teeth just did me in I like them big and scary hairy with three chins a girl could get to like this! with a bit of our love a bit of your love is like a nuclear fuel it's so hot we'll never ever cool just let that spinach eater cry and drool my love's a furnace for you I will heat you up Oh my goodness what a firmness you're no pup you know I'm nuts about you we're just crazy in love you're making me crazy with your sexy like walk my lips turn to blubber then I no can talk I got my eye on you I'm a hungry hawk if you like the way I walk I'll do it all the time If you like the way I move I'll try to make it rhyme I like the way I feel so... so much love