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Get Grandpa's Gun
A song about a man of peace forced to violence.
Single - $2.00
Country - Country-Pop
Previous peak charts position #25
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
J. Michael Tracy
J. Michael Tracy
February 10, 2018
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160 kbps bitrate
3:30 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is a tale woven from a bit of fact and fiction. A song about a man of peace, formerly a man of war, forced to violence to protect his family.
GET GRANDPA’S GUN J. Michael Tracy male vocal/uptempo Daddy didn’t own a gun he was a peaceful man Said he’d had enough of killin’---in Viet Nam He moved us out to Grandpa’s farm, after Grandma died Vowed we’d never let it go----and Grandpa cried Wasn’t long before we started hearin’ things at night Breakin’ glass, the sounds of laughter---and flashin’ lights Daddy called the Sheriff---but he never came Said “Jim you’re on your own—it’s them Gilbert boys again” Daddy said, his Daddy said “Son try to do what’s right Don’t turn your back on family or go lookin’--for a fight But if you’ve gotta make a stand and there’s nowhere to run ---Ya do what ya gotta do -----Get Grandpa’s Gun!” The Sheriff said “Jim I’d come out, but they know where I live, They’re bad seed every one of them and won’t---none of them forgive One night I took young Jesse in for beatin’ up his wife The next day my barn burnt down and they--threatened my life” So Daddy stepped out on the porch to ask them all to leave A shot rang out, a window shattered---and Momma screamed Daddy ran into the house saw Momma on the floor Holdin’ Grandpa’s bloody head---that’s when Daddy swore (chorus) (step up one key) He opened up the closet, grabbed the old 243 Shut off all the lights and said---“Now listen to me No matter what you think you hear- do not go outside” He slipped out the back door into the night --We heard shots, someone screamed, it sounded like a war Heard’m gettin’ in their truck--then heard an engine roar The truck was almost to the road when it burst into flames And Daddy--made damn sure they’d--never kill again (chorus)