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King of ME
The challenge of love is a travel.
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Antoh Mansueto
Antoh Mansueto
July 10, 2018
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Driving my red new car, I felt so happy, I could drive far away, wherever I could go. But my idea of the future was not so conscious, about the common case to live in a black hole. Here is the crown, you are the king. but every day the lazy train, and every night the dancing boy, bring my imagination, to the challenge of my heart. And if my destination is, too far to give up in few times, where is my honest gain, I deserve more compensation. Where want you go? who's driving me? I feel my wheels so hot, ready to stretch the road, my turbo engine is off, where can I buy gasoline? these old abandoned roads, are so amazing, far from promised gifts , from the light in the black hole. I want to go, nowhere no place. Never come back, I will stay here, and never money on a whim, from here I see so far, in the valley of your skin. Now i can see the end of dreams, And I smell back my first desire, I will shut up my mind, I came back to you my love. I was so far, more than a moon.
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