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Too Late (a plan that can be failed)
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Rene Brene
Rene Brene
May 26, 2018
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Too Late (A Plan That Can Be Failed) =by Rene Brene= 1. The telephone will never ring - I'll never call you, don't wait this. You want pick up me in one day But this is plan that can be failed. You're waiting for I make a move, Give up and fall in love with you. I'm clever girl, don't tell me lie. I've studied all the tricks of Life Refraine: You come to me, You say the words: You've never felt You've never loved. This is your compulsive obsession Even if you will regret. You will be trying fascinate. You've come too late. You've come too late. You plot a plan that can be failed. 2. By Time Machine go to the Past, Try catch me in the World of Lust, Try find me when I was so young, Draw my attention - I'm real gone. You have no chance for great romance: My heart is in a wire fence. There are around so many girls: Forget me and make the right choice.