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a latin flavored beat.
Latin - Pop/Balada
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January 27, 2018
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Story behind the song
1st there was the 60's classic, "Girl from Ipanema". then the B-52s "Girl from Ipanema... Greenland". Now my version, "Another Girl ..."
Ipanema she stole my heart it's another girl from Ipanema she's your dream Ipanema bred her to inspire romance with sway and dance every night I watch her pulse and glow it's a dream men crave to know she's such a dream she's one of a kind leaves the others behind once in a lifetime find it's our dream if she'd only see me only glance my way ask me to stay but it seems I'm not there not my face no not a hair she's lost in trance I wish she would see that I need her to be in love with me she's our dream absolutely lovely in her form and grace my heart does race but she loves some other man it's oh so hard to understand she's my dream she's one of a kind but just not one of mine not an omen or a sign can make her mine