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Everyone needs a "secret agent" song. Here's mine
Rock - Southern Rock
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January 24, 2018
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Story behind the song
Sort of a romantic comedy based on a James Bond character. It moves from funk to Keystone Cops, to high energy rockabilly, & finally back. The 1st funk is the stage setting of our secret agent--a proud & special man. The high energy section is his interrogation by the gorgeous foreign agent who wants his secrets. Our man diligently resists as long as humanly possible, but alas caves in. The final section sees him on the run from both sides because he "spilled the beans". yet..... he's left wanting more of her special interrogation.
I'm a sharp and cool secret agent man by the Queens rule down in Buckingham my training is elite classy and discrete I'm the secret agent man aw baby, I'm the secret agent man to protect the Highness they've got the finest man of nerve you don't know what I'm feeling you can't see what I see my thought, you're not stealing my mind's always free oh baby oh I can't show and you won't know Here she comes, alluring a polished look and smart my resolve needs curing her heat is off the chart oh baby oh you won't see inside of me feel the probe, deny it secrets safe, inside me I've got the truth, can't pry it in my head she wants to be oh baby oh she burns nice a heat of ice getting weak, doubts lurking her secret touch is strong she may know it's working don't give up my song oh baby oh I dig your touch way too much Now not so cocky just a hunted spy both sides want me I've just gotta cry All my secrets told I didn't know I'd fold I don't feel so good I'd better run for some foreign sun but I'll always be thinking of that one I just have an inclination to get more interrogation what secrets might you know