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dont fuhwop the baby
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January 19, 2018
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don't fuhwop the baby! your going to make it mad. i will tell mommy! that you were mean to the baby and she will take your allowance away! so don't fuhwop the baby! you better do as i say! dont fuhwop the baby! if you do i will call mommy she will come up here and spank you cause your being so mean. she will make you stay here and clean up the room all day! make the beds and chase dust bunnies with a spoon. you'll have to spend the day alone in you room? mom will come up the stairs and blame you! because! you won't stop! don't fuhwop the baby! stop it right now! i can see you are bothering it it's wriggling all around. don't fuhwop the baby. stop it right now don't fuhwop the baby you are waking it up don't fuhwop the baby with that feather and pillow don't fuhwop the baby