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Toxic Sky
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
Previous peak charts position #606
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #37
January 18, 2018
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160 kbps bitrate
4:04 minutes
Story behind the song
Chem trail ALERT!
Toxic Sky Why are there toxic skies Now the smoke it hurts my eyes What about the bird that flies In these times we must be wise What about the toxic skies Can you hear the children’s cries They can’t breath in the sun It’s unfair what have they done If we really care for our lives Tell me why there are toxic skies 2x Jets release the chemtrails Clouding clear blue skies Mostly in the daytime On the intra-flights Lead Break (Benzene, Toluene, Kerosene, Gasoline, Mercury, Sodium, Alumiium, Xylene, Sulphur Dioxide) No reason for toxic skies Controlling weather with your lies Poison air we can’t survive Change the season toxic skies Chorus 2x Don’t breathe the air it’s toxic 2x Don’t breathe the air in toxic skies