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What If (It's On You)
Urban - Funky R&B
Previous peak charts position #118
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
January 18, 2018
MP3 5.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
5:05 minutes
Story behind the song
Had a riff and now a song, funny how that goes...
What If (It’s On You) 1A. What if...You do this What if... you do that Jump into the party room Move the groove, to a frying pan Ya Gonna do somethin' 1B. What if...You hit this What if...You hit that Loosen up and change the scene Dress to kill, really work your thing Ya gonna hit somethin' The world was made it’s just for you, so kick it up... Chorus: It’s on you 3x What will ya do Come on, come on, come on, it’s on you Ya gonna be something, gonna be something 2A. What if... you say this What if... you say that All these things are happening In a crazy world out there Ya gonna say somethin' 2B. What if... You play this What if... You play that Bake it in the oven Like you don’t have a care Ya gonna play somethin The world was made it’s just for you, now pick it up... ' Chorus Bridge: All you do...and hold on too All you play... and all you say