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All American Boy--------(pro)
A song about a boy who couldn't take it anymore.
Single - $2.00
Country - Country-Pop
Previous peak charts position #29
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
J. Michael Tracy
J. Michael Tracy
January 17, 2018
MP3 3.4 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:00 minutes
Story behind the song
This was written on a day that I was frustrated beyond comprehension with life. I seriously contemplated disappearing somewhere in the NC mountains, never to be seen again.
ALL AMERICAN BOY J. Michael Tracy male/uptempo Short cut hair and a baseball cap A red Swiss knife and a treasure map A big brown dog and and purple bike Watchin’ the river from the top of the dike He played short-stop in little league Built a rickety fort up in the maple tree Beetles and toads were his favorite toys He was, The All American Boy What ever happened to Johnny Did he loose his mind Searchin’ for the simple life He could not seem to find He disappeared one afternoon Cause life had lost all it’s joy Whatever happened to Johnny The All American Boy Someone said that he’d been seen Up in the mountains in a fishin’ stream Pocket full of lures and a feather light rod Talkin’ to Nature, talkin’ to God His heart has gone where his mind don’t dare It knows what’s right but it don’t care Searchin the eyes of everyone For a life that used to be (chorus) Whatever happened to Johnny The All American Boy JTracy3358@aol.com