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4. Fall & Return (You'll See)
Featuring occasional huge harmonies!
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Rock - Punk
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Stephen Max Wendt
Copyright 2017 Stephen Wendt. All Rights Reserved
December 13, 2017
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4:47 minutes
Story behind the song
It's about falling away from what we know is right, and coming back, and the feelings we go through. I hope you like it.
Lyrics: Run run run Never coming baaaaaaaack To You I think I'll make it on my ownnn Thanks for being here (bend up) What's up "the darkness"? I'll be here With You For me Forgive me of These thoughts I've had And said goodbyeee Said goodbyeee Said ^go-od-byeee (Say Goodbyee) Said good byee! (Spoken word of chorus) Chorus And you'll see What is tru-oo-oo In ev-ry-thing A*round you-oo-oo Oo-oo-oo For the tru-oo-ooth Is that he'll take Even you-oo-oo In with Him Don't wait Come today Verse 2: One more fall and I'll come back Two more times and I'll be sure to Send you a letter Before I Get to bed Write a song and -sing- (huge harmonies!) To fix every -thing- As if it's better Am I dead? Can you feel me moving off? Oh so wro-nggg Why can't I be Ev-ry-thing That you ^want of me-ee-ee- ee-ee! ^^That you want of me?! Instrumental (Go!) (Yeah) Okay! Here we go again! ;) Play that bass! _(instrumental) Repeat chorus (now in F Major) (Come today!)