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5. True Love
A soft but punkish ballad.
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Rock - Punk
Previous peak charts position #197
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Stephen Max Wendt
Copyright 2017 Stephen Wendt. All Rights Reserved
December 13, 2017
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3:55 minutes
Story behind the song
Hello! This is my new song called True Love. I hope you like it. The song (lyrically) is a mix of both singing to my future true love, and to God (my one true love for eternity). It also has a "emotional" element that can also be taken as the singer singing to a person who's left, or even of himself struggling to love as he knows he should(either in the context of life, relationships, or marriage). Interpret what you will from this, and take it whatever way you like.
You Are My Tr-hoo lo-uh-uh-uve And -I_ee Can't ^ex_plain ^With ^my-ee mou_owth. Teeth may rot Bones may decay! But true love! Does not dis-may! Can you hear it? Breaking through these walls That we've built ourselves. Oh my God, Help. (Oo-whoa-oo-whoa-ohh Oh-oo-whoa-oo-whoa-ohh)