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3. He Will Provide (Just A Pretty Lady Part II)
Part two of a two part song dealing with rejection and loneliness
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Rock - Punk
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Stephen Max Wendt
Copyright 2017 Stephen Wendt. All Rights Reserved
December 13, 2017
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Story behind the song
Part II of Just A Pretty Lady! This song starts out with us imagining loneliness through the perception of a man on a deserted island. Even though our loneliness isn't anywhere near as bad as this, it certainly can feel like it. The first half's words reflect the nearly degrading sanity of the man on the island in his loneliness, and also represent our desire for a companion and need for others. The other side to this song is the statement that we don't have to be lonely-- That God will provide for us-- That we can rest in Him. The truths that we know are true. We know because God tells us through the Bible in many places. Fun Fact: This song was post-dubbed "Day 43" because it got referred to by this name so much between my Dad and me. Also, My Dad really likes the syncopated "Be". ;)
Lyrics (with chords): G#m. G Day fourty three F# There's nothing here for me F I'm writing this note E For whoever finds D# Me G#m. G Trapped amidst myself F# Here with no one else F I finally realize E My D#m Pain. (Harsh Note instrumental thing) (Stop) ~~~~~ Chorus ~~~~~ (Drop D power chords with notes added on high D string) G#m w/A# And I! B w/D# Need you here F# w/A# Forgotten tears D# w/F# Scream with ink! G# w/A# Can-not think! B w/D# Missing link! F# w/A# Trapped a-lone D# w/F# Can't phone home! ~~~~~ Chorus 4 ~~~~~ G# w/A# Please B w/D# Please F# w/A# Oh please (D-A-E chord) So lonely (Pause/hang) ~~~~~ Change-up ~~~~~ E. F# If I'm one prayer away G# Why do I have to-- be F# So lonely E When I can see F# G#m _you here with me F# (hang) You're here with me. ~~~~~ (Major short Instrumental) ~~~~~ (B, F#, G#m, E) ~~~~~ Chorus 5 ~~~~~ B. F# Hallejujah G# To the King E. F# Why do I have to be B So lonely F# He's here with me G# He's here with me E And I can rest F# B And I can sing ~~~~~ Chorus 6 ~~~~~ F# I know he will G# Pro-vide E I know he will F# B Be right (B) F# Forever and ever G# A-men! E. F# A-Me-eh-en B A-Men F# A-men! G# A-men E. F# A-me-eh-en B (hold) A-meeeeeeeeeeeen