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2. Just A Pretty Lady (Part I)
One part of a two part song dealing with rejection and loneliness.
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Rock - Punk
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Stephen Max Wendt
Copyright 2017 Stephen Wendt. All Rights Reserved
December 13, 2017
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Story behind the song
This song is the first of two songs that were written as one song-- but later split apart :) This song is about waiting for the "right one", the one that's not just "Pretty". In particular, a girl comes to mind for me who is so beautiful that the crush simply does not wear off-- it continually comes back and loves to tell me all sorts of negative things about God, myself, my appearance, or anything at all. This girl is Christian-- so that's a big plus. But she doesn't seem to have quite the same views on a lot of matters as me. In other words, she doesn't seem "good for me". However, she's so beautiful, I tried to ask her out at least twice, and if she asked me, I don't think I could possibly say no. I wish I could get to the point where I could believe I would say no. For this reason, I am both torn that the girl who I probably have the biggest crush known to mankind on will probably never be my own, and thankful that God is taking care of me enough to keep me away from something He probably knows isn't good for me, and probably isn't even at a good time for me.
Lyrics W/chords: ~~~~~~ Verse 1/Intro ~~~~~~ B In truth G#m I can't think quite straight D#m When you're around E Oh no B Oo--oo--no (B) G#m And I think I've tried to tell you D#m How I ^fe-eel E. B But you don't feel the same (B) D#m And really G#m If you did E. F# B Would it be all that great for me? (More sustained chords next) ~~~~~ Chorus 1 ~~~~~ B Cause you're not quite what I've D#m needed G#m You're not quite what I'm searching for E You're not quite what I know is best F# B For me-ee! ~~~~~~ Verse 2.2 ~~~~~~ (Less sustain) (B) F# And if looks could kill (F#)GM. G#m I'd be dead E. But instead I'm left here F# B Searching on in-st-ee-ead ~~~~~~ (Short instrumental) ~~~~~~ (B) D#m G#m E (ascending octave run from B to E, notes hit twice) B D#m G#m. E. B. B/A# ~~~~~ Verse 3 ~~~~~ G# E Hey-ey miss B Would you let me down ea-sy When I say that you're the most F# F# GM. G#m Beau-tiful thing that I've seen (G#m) E I can sit at home B And _cry myself to sleep When I know I really should be F# Learning who to seek (Louder with single strums) (Loud vocals) ~~~~~ (Verse 4) ~~~~~ G#m. E Hey mi-isssss! B Would you let me down ea-sy When I say that you're the most F# F# GM G#m beautiful thing that I've se-een! E I think I'll sit at home B And ^cry myself to sleep! F# When I know I really should be F# Learnin who to seek!! (F#) (build up, pause.) ~~~~~ Chorus 2 ~~~~~ B F# I'm waitin' for the right one G#m I'm waitin' for the day E I'm waiting for the one that won't F# B Leave me a tragedey-eyy-eyy F# I'm waiting for the one G# Who's waiting there for me E Im waiting for the one who's not F# B Just a pretty lady ~~~~~ Short instrumental ~~~~~ B. Higher E. Normal G#m. F# G ~~~~~