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My God is My Ally
An original song about God's faithfulness in spite of myself.
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Ellohay Music
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December 09, 2017
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Story behind the song
I wrote the first two verses when I was 18 during a time in my life when I was perpetually spiritually oppressed and I felt like a failure in my own relationship with God. I wrote this as a reminder of God's faithfulness despite my failures. The third verse was written after viewing photos of various Indian religious customs involving punishing one's body to prove dedication to the gods and knowing that it's all unnecessary and ineffectual since Jesus has already suffered all that needed to be suffered to get us back on track with God. The fourth verse was written after reflecting on lost opportunities and disappointment with my lack of faithfulness.
My Ally ~~~~~~~ Verse 1 In the darkness, You calm my fear. In the light, I can feel You're near. Though I'm sinful and break Your Law, I am guiltless by Christ. Through His stripes I'm not guilty at all. Chorus My God is my ally. My God is my savior. My God is my friend Who is with me to the end. My God shows me mercy. And He has a plan. My God is the mighty I AM. Verse 2 When the world walks away from You And invites me to leave You, too, You remind me of what You gave - How You laid down your Life, That You died, but You rose from the grave. (Chorus) Verse 3 No devotion can ever mend Holy oneness that we have rent. Restoration with God above Has been given for free At the cost of His own perfect blood. Verse 4 We are servants that you anoint, But our own lives will disappoint. Still, there's hope in that future day When we're healed and made whole By the river that's flowing with grace. (Chorus)