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Night Visions #2 (Remastered Nov 2017)
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Rock - Instrumental Rock
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John David Thomas (John Thomas)
November 22, 2017
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5:33 minutes
Story behind the song
I composed this famous rock, jazz-rock, jazz-fusion instrumental, world-famous, in 1972 while I was a music student at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana USA,,and I repeatedly, constantly performed it on the grand pianos of Ball State univeristy from 1972-1974 for the students and for friends and facultly there, both in the music building and in the dorms loounges nd on stage in Emens Auditorium, eetcl I did ot record it i a pro studio until 1979, where I did that at the former Neon Cornfield Recording Studio, a 16-track analog studio, no longer there, on the NE side of Indianapolis. It was an "all night long" recording session (Lionel Ritchie knew about this when he wrote and recorded his famous rock song, "All Night Long" in the early 1980s!!! #1 hit song on the radio for weeks in the USA!!! with me on grand piano and Oberheim synthesizer and Fender Rhodes electric piano and brother Paul on drums and Tom Padgett on electric guitar and Larry Hall on trumpet and Kenny Davis on Moog Sonic 6 synth,, etc. Greg Galloway was the engineer. I musically produced this and Galloway was the technical producer. I did the trumpet arranging and Tom Padget did some improvising in the mid-section solo (I wrote the actual composition and it has been copyrighted since 1972 in Washington D.C. It is published by ASCAP music publisher J D Thomas Music Co, originally i Hamilton County, Indiana USA and now in Staten Island, New York where I live. Registered with ASCAP.