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Netflix and Chill (by Myself)
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Portugal the Man parody
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Below Average Dave, PTM
November 17, 2017
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I always keep to myself Closing my house off, The sun is so bad for my health Amazon has everything I could need Gonna have my door caulked off-sealed Ooh woo, On my loveseat with netflix, now I been swell in here since 2006, now I get up to poo, but I come back here still Ooh woo, watching Arrow with some chips, now Switch to Smash Bros so I can get some kicks, now Might sound boring now, but It keeps me chill Why would I get up to leave? At night the sun ain't out but c'mon It's not safe to leave The boogieman will come for me I ain't comin' out-it's no deal Ooh woo, On my cell phone trading pix, now So much to do that I do not leave these bricks, now Hey Dave are you for real, Yes-I stay here still Ooh woo, no fresh air-got candle sticks, now Watching techy films like it's 3006, now May sound lame right now, but this is my will I could watch foreign movies Make some Ramen in the kitchen Popcorn, anime, and Pepsi play on my tablet for weeks I could read til the sun goes down Make cash to script a little solved the riddle To keep me in these walls I'll use TradeKing Twelve more muggings? Global Warming? Bed Bugs crawling? Purge is coming? songs with mumbling Who would leave for that? Ooh woo, on my loveseat with netflix, yeah You say my brain's amiss but a better word is bliss, now Watching Ozarks now, taking caffiene pills Ooh woo, got a kitty in the mix, now Social interaction is all that I miss, now Come on over pal, we'll netflix and chill Ooh woo, you know I never get sick, now Watch Animaniacs like '96, now I ain't leaving now, I'll netflix and chill by myself yeah still, but my life's fulfilled
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