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Chant for Orchestra (Deja Vu 1972) (Remastered)
Original major 10-minute contemporary classical, World fusion music of ASCAP composer/musician John David Thomas (John Thomas) of Staten Island, New York 10301-2108 zip code USA (New York City). Composed in these years...1969/1972/1995/2017. Chant
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World - World Fusion
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John David Thomas (aka John Thomas)
1972 by John David Thomas (ASCAP)
December 24, 2017
MP3 11.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
10:21 minutes
Story behind the song
I composed this beginning in the summer of 1969 in northern California in a Presbyterian church in San Jose/Los Gatos, CA where I played a pipe organ during the week (private, alone). I further added to this in 1972 in Muncie, Indiana USA at Ball State University School of Music where I graduated in 1976 with a B.S. degree in Music Theory and Composition. I then recorded this in fully orchestrated form which I arranged myself, using a "real-time" method during recording of more than 24 tracks in digital. Finally, I just remastered this in Oct. 2017 using special software. This is the most important classical orchestral work I have composed and recorded to date. It is highly melodic and rich in texture uses many layers of sound. It is hypnotic, and powerful, using a drone 'C' sustained bass pedal point against the shifting sustained chord of C-major and D-major, oscillating back and forth. I used a concept of orchestration used in the famous work, Bolero by Ravel.
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