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One more second
Rock - Rock n Roll
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Scotty Johnson
November 05, 2017
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" One More Second " You've done gone plumb crazy If you think you can walk on me. Keep on running your smart ass mouth, in one more second we'll see. I don't give a damn if you want to get down And I could give a duck if your the baddest man in town. Keep on running your neck you clown in one more second you'll see. chorus: mamma always told me son your way to hot-headed when you're giving what your getting you give it everything you got cause you can't starve a sow and you can't make her run. these ole boys are raised on shot gun. we say grace and we say mam if you ain't in the gang we don't give a damn (v2) if you can judge a wise man by the color you see Steven Tyler sang your a better man than me never grab a tiger by the tail you freak in one more second you'll see (chorus) hey Donald Trump I want to say hi I'm feeling kinda hungry can I have some of your pie I've got to tell the truth, no I can't lie in one more second you'll see I say fucket let's all be friends roll us up a blunt , burning up the incense I don't give a damn if this song don't make sense in one more second you'll see (chorus)
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