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Live Your Dream (feat. Linda Beringmeier)
Pop - Pop General
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Linda Beringmeier / Robert Baitinger
October 29, 2017
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LIVE YOUR DREAM Verse 1: You feel empty in your life You’re sad and nothing’s going right Maybe it’s time to change your everyday routine Verse 2: When your future’s not so bright And you dream of what life could be like Then it’s time to live that dream Chorus: Paint your life Set your scene Nothing’s unachievable Live your dream Paint your life Set your scene Reach out for the unreachable Live your dream Verse 3: When you miss your sense of pride And feel ignored and pushed aside Maybe there are things in life you need to rearrange Verse 4: When you’re lost and all alone No friends, no place to call your home Then it’s time to make a change Chorus Bridge: It’s time to break away With a will you’ll find a way Make the change, don’t wait another day Just keep your dream alive Don’t let it ever die You can do it, if you only try Repeat chorus Lyrics: Linda Beringmeier / Robert Baitinger Music: Linda Beringmeier Lead & background vocals: Linda Beringmeier Guitar solo: John Evans All other instruments: Robert Baitinger
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