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Song For Lee (Subterranean Rock Mix)
A Remix of 'Song for Lee' by "The Yatari's".
Electronic - Electronica
Charts #484 in subgenre today (peak #11)
Previous peak charts position #66
Bon Lucas/Aztro The Azmahatik/The Yatari's
October 18, 2017
MP3 3.7 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:16 minutes
Story behind the song
The Yatari's were a Local band from my area, Southgate, Michigan, that were active 2007-2012. I Did a few remixes for them during their lifespan, This one is from 2011. The Original song was from their Second Album "mean winter/joyous praise" (2010) This remix also includes a verse from my former collaborator "Aztro The Azmahatik"